INSYDE s.r.l.s.

INtegrated SYstems DEsign
Smart Silicon Solutions


Insyde srls is a service company, specialized in the design of electronics systems and integrated circuits.
Team members are senior designers and managers (including a professor of the University of Genova) with complementary skills which allows for efficiently and quickly addressing customers needs.
The business idea started from the research activities of the department of Electric, Electronic, Telecommunication Engineering and Naval Architecture.
The company was set up in 2014 and it became officially a Spin off of the University of Genova during May 2015.


Insyde mission is to help customers to close the technology gap and bridge between product development and silicon implementation.
Insyde provides consultancy services in the field of architectural design and implementation of microelectronic devices, at the forefront of cutting edge technology targeting established as well as rapidly growing markets.


Srls follows two business models in the semiconductor market and FPGA development: to develop and sell its own IPs and to develop third party IPs.
Moreover, Insyde Srls develops the UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) methodology for the verification of digital integrated circuits.


Digital integrated circuits design and verification
Development of microcontroller systems
Design and development of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)
Design of PCB board
The company has a long working history with the leaders of the semiconductor market like Cadence, STMicroelectronics, Intel, etc…
The company offers design and methodology services to allow customers to develop new solutions and products. The working team can work independently or integrate in the customers team.